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Parbaba White Sand Beach

Parbaba white sand beach is located in Desa Hutabolon, Kecamatan Pangururan (regency), Samosir Island, North Sumatera. This beach is lake front that has area like a beach. On this beach, we can play lake water, swim, enjoy sunset, or fishing. The air is fresh unlike on a common beach we can smell salty air, this one […]

Batak Museum, Tomok

Tomok is a little village that lays in the east coast of Samosir Island. There is an old cultural Museum of Batak in the village. Tourists are free to enter the museum with no cost, only there is a small box provided for voluntarily donation. Here in the museum we can learn and see the history of Batak people […]

Sigale Gale Puppet

Sigale Gale or Si Gale-Gale is a wooden puppet used in a funeral dance performance of the Batak people of Samosir Island, Northern Sumatra. Sigale Gale is a well known feature to visiting tourists. During the dance, the puppet is operated from behind like a marionette using strings that run through the ornate wooden platform on which […]

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