Batak Museum, Tomok

Batak Museum, TomokTomok is a little village that lays in the east coast of Samosir Island. There is an old cultural Museum of Batak in the village.

Tourists are free to enter the museum with no cost, only there is a small box provided for voluntarily donation.

Here in the museum we can learn and see the history of Batak people and also all of the cultural life in Batak Land.

Tranpostation information: From Medan it takes around 4 – 5 hours to Ajibata port, Parapat then from Parapat to Tomok will take time approximately 1 hour (it is a ferriage) to the Tomok in Samosir island. If you are using a car you can use the public boat transportation to the Samosir Island which they call ferry.

The ferry ticket cost for a car is approximately Rp. 232,700.00 (class IV, this may depend on the classification of your car. For class V may be almost doubled). Per adult person costs around Rp. 16,500.00  (as per Oct 1, 2022 PT ASDP Indonesia regulations).