Parbaba White Sand Beach

white-beach-parbabaParbaba white sand beach is located in Desa Hutabolon, Kecamatan Pangururan (regency), Samosir Island, North Sumatera. This beach is lake front that has area like a beach. On this beach, we can play lake water, swim, enjoy sunset, or fishing.

The air is fresh unlike on a common beach we can smell salty air, this one is so different.

To reach this location you can choose one of the three routes available. The first is the Medan – Berastagi – Kabanjahe. From Tigaras you can take a ferry or ship passengers heading to Simanindo and continued to Parbaba. The second alternative could be achieved through Medan – Siantar. From Parapat you can cross to Tomok Parbaba. While the latter, you can take Medan – Berastagi – Kabanjahe – Sidikalang – Tele – Parbaba. The ticket price is so cheap, approximately Rp. 2,000.00 per person (2013).

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