Lake Toba lays in Northern part of Sumatera Island, Indonesia. One of the uniqueness of the lake is it has an island which name is Samosir in the middle of the lake.

The nearest airport is Kuala Namu (KNO) airport, Medan or Silangit (DTB) airport, Siborongborong both in North Sumatera Province of Indonesia.

From Kuala Namu airport to Ajibata port, Parapat (ferriage to Samosir Island) approximately 175 KM (4h 35m). From Silangit airport to Ajibata port approximately 70 KM (1h 50m).

Another shortest route from Silangit Airport to Pangururan city in Samosir Island via Dolok Sanggul is by land transportation without ferry approximately 98 KM (2h 30m).

Ajibata port is at east side of lake Toba, with beautiful scenery everywhere, while you can use land transportation as well to reach Samosir Island via Dolok Sanggul an access at the west side of the lake.

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