Parbaba White Sand Beach

Parbaba White BeachParbaba white sand beach is located in Desa Hutabolon, Kecamatan Pangururan (regency), Samosir Island, North Sumatera. This beach is lake front that has area like a beach. On this beach, we can play lake water, swim, enjoy sunset, or fishing.

The air is fresh unlike on a common beach we can smell salty air, this one is so different.

To reach this location you can choose one of the three routes available. The first is the Medan – Berastagi – Kabanjahe. From Tigaras you can take a ferry or ship passengers heading to Simanindo and continued to Parbaba. The second alternative could be achieved through Medan – Siantar. From Parapat you can cross to Tomok Parbaba. While the latter, you can take Medan – Berastagi – Kabanjahe – Sidikalang – Tele – Parbaba. The ticket price is so cheap, approximately Rp. 2,000.00 per person (2013).